Top 5 video gmaes that I like

GTA V Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Fortnite Gran Turismo Need For Speed
GTA V because it is fun, you cn play against people, be in a solo sesion, or if you want other people in your sesion but don't want them to kill you then you can go into passive mode. Call of Duty Black Ops 3 because you can play against bots with different difficulty, play in core matches, or hardcore matches, witch is just everypne has lower health, no mini map, and the worst gun in the game doesn't take the whole clip to kill the person with. Fortnite because my friends got me to paly it and I have gotten pretty good at it too, when season five came out I was at my great granmdmas and my PS4 was at my house, so when I got to play on the PS4 again I did a solo match and won it, and it was the first match I played in season five. Gran Turismo because when I didn't have GTA, Call of Duty, or Fortnite, I palyed Gran Turismo which is a racing game and my first gift car was the fastest car in the game. When they updated the game there were races that let me use my fastest car and I won every race in first place. Need For Speed because when I did't have the PS4 I had a PS3 which I still have I had a game called Need For Speed: Rivals which lets you play as the cop or the racer. When I got the PS4, I also got Need For Speed and played that and got 25% done with the game before I got the playstaion plus.
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