Video Games

I chose video games because I play or watch video games every day. I play video games on my phone but when I have to eat dinner then I watch youtube videos of games I play on my PS4. I also watch youtube videos when my phone gets taken away and I have to play on my tablet. I paly the PS4 only on the weekend because my parents only let me play on the weekend. I play it for two hours on saturday and sunday but when my brother goes to my moms house then I play for about four hours on friday, about seven hours on saturday, and two hours on sunday because my brother comes home then.

Types of video games I play and why

I play GTA 5 almost all the time. I got a a motorcylce club, two houses, and a facility and I can store cars in all of them. In my main house I have a super car, a sport car, a muscle car, and a SUV but I can store a lot more cars in it. In my secondary house I have a sport car that I don't use that much. In my motorcylce club I have two motrocylces because you can only store motorcyclces but you can store a lot of them. I don't have any cars in my facility because I am going to store my tanks in it. I play Call fo Duty Black Ops 3 the second most amount of the time. I am in the second perstige and have two maxed out guns before I prestiged and got a rare camo, two dlc weapons, the balista assault rilfe and the brass knuckles, and I can almost prestige the balsita and my brass knuckeles are level four. I play fortnite but not as much as GTA and COD but I paly it sometimes. When I was at my great grandmas house in Sparks Nevada, season five came out and when I got to played the PS4 when I got back I played fortnite and the first match I played was a solo match and I won it. When it was the final three I was shooting one person and he trapped him self in the storm and the last guy was waiting for someone to die and when he saw someone died he came up the hill I was on trying to catch me by surprise but I heard him building and was looking for him. When he got to the top I he shotguned me for five damage and I was building tring to block his shots then he trapped himself and I killed him when he broke his wall he was behind.

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